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Designing a Logo in 2021 is Dead-Simple with Free Online Logo Makers

These days you don't need to pay hundreds of dollars to a graphic designer. Designing a logo is no a daunting task any more. Online logo maker services provides all of the ingredients you need to create a unique, professional logo in no-time, without paying a penny.

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than we process words. That’s why so many companies choose to include a glyph or visual in their logo. 33% of the top 100 brands use the color blue in their logo. The color blue is said to relate to 1-on-1 communication and personalized messaging, which helps customers feel more personally connected to the logo.

Best Online Logo Makers

Shopify Hatchful

Shopify Hatchful


Hatchful is a free logo maker which allows you to make stunning logos in a matter of seconds. From the library of hundreds of templates you can get started on making your high-resolution logo in just a few clicks. Everything is fully customizable to ensure that your logo will be unique. Hatchful offers fully loaded branding packages and an easy to use designs to help beginners get off and running with your logo.





Canva is easy to use logo maker on your fingertips. Creating a brand identity has never been easier, with Canva’s user-friendly interface and free library of resources you can design the logo of your dreams. Whether you are in the world of sports, fashion, food or automotive, Canva has something for you! Available on computers, phones and tablets, you can make and edit logos anywhere, anytime.


Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands


Tailor Brands is the world’s most famous AI-powered log design and branding platform. It’s super simple and easy to use that everyone from beginners to professionals use it. It’s your in-house professional logo designer. Tailor Brand’s AI platforms allows you to create a professional logo without having to hire a designer or spend hours on it yourself. Get started with Tailor Brands Logo maker today!


Logomaster Ai

Logomaster Ai


Logomaster is the logo maker that uses AI to generate logos for you. It's super easy to use, you just type the name of your company, choose color and styles you like and the AI will generate a logo for you the same way a designer would! It provides beautiful results, used by startups, professionals and small businesses alike. It is literally as easy as it can get.





Looka is a super simple AI-powered logo maker that helps you create a unique logo that you will love in just 5 minutes. With a fun and easy logo maker, you just pick your style, font, color and symbols and the logo maker generates some options for you to choose from. Looka offers you lifetime logo support with its royalty free logos which you can manage and edit whenever you want.





Finding trouble coming up with a name or logo for your company? GenLogo has you covered! GenLogo is A logo generator which allows you to set up your corporate identity in just a matter of minutes. All it takes ia a few clicks. Just choose from the options and styles and GenLogo will generate a name and logo you will love.


Few Logo Design Tips

When selecting a logo for your brand, you need to ask what makes it stick in people’s memories? The following tips will help you create the right logo for your brand.

  • Don't copy the competition.
  • Use just the right font.
  • Don't use conflicting visuals.
  • Keep your logo simple, yet not too abstract.
  • Use vector graphic.
  • Don't make the logo too trendy. Trends come and go.
  • Don't use colors that clash, start with a neutral black and white look, then add a spark of color later.
  • Match your logo with the brand image, with the purpose your company wants to convey.
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