Domain Registrars

Domain Name is a Primary ID of Your Online Business

These days, buying your very own domain name takes just a few clicks. It can be tricky, though. Choosing just the right, reliable domain name registrar is one of the most important steps in getting your website up and running. Registrars are ICANN-accredited agents that let you buy and manage domain names. Don't confuse them with hosting providers. You should keep each service separate - that will give you a lot more security and flexibility with changing web hosts in the future.

There are 363.5 million registered domain names across all top-level domains (TLDs). The most popular TLD is still a .com with 154.6 million registrations, followed by .tk, .cn, .de, .net, .uk, .org, .nl, .ru and .br.

Even though in Q1 2021 the domain base have decreased by 3.3 million (0.9%, year over year), the .com and .net TLDs had a combined increase of 7.3 million domain name registrations, or 4.6%, year over year.

Best Domain Name Registrars



One of the world’s largest and trusted domain registrars, GoDaddy empowers people to bring their creative ideas on their platform and to succeed online with over 20+ million customers and 50+ million domains under management. Whether you wish to keep a classic .com or get creative with some other domain name, GoDaddy is the perfect place to be. You can also create your website on this vast platform that also offers website security as well as marketing tools.


Google Domains

Google Domains

Register your domain name at just a click of the button at Google Domains. At Google Domain you can choose from more than 300 domain endings and get 24/7 support from real human supporters. Get a professional email address or build your site like a pro on this single platform. You can also market your business online with Google Ads and increase website traffic through this website. Let’s not forget the articles in the learning section that will teach you how-tos and relevant tips.




Generating a domain name was never that easy thanks to Namecheap! Bring your ideas to life, as their slogan says, with the right domain. You can avail of their promo offers and deals that are cost-efficient and cover a range of products on their website. Name cheap has got all you need from domains, professional emails, low-cost SSL certificates, Premium DNS, VPN to performance-boosting apps that will aid your business. Unleash your full potential with extra knowledge and customer support at Name cheap.




A trusted name for hundreds and thousands of their customers, Hover will grab you the perfect domain for your next startup or big app, or professional e-mail! You can get help from the blogs on Hover or visit the help center if the need be. Hover also offers few domain extensions with discounted pricing each month. Hover is also a proud patron for many inspiring projects that are dismantling stereotypes in the world of technology.


Find and purchase your domain name at reasonable prices at! This platform is fast, secure, and easy to use with its domains, website builder, email, and web hosting options all segmented for a user-friendly approach. You can even avail yourself the knowledge base blogs and videos tutorials for guidance available on the website. comes with a reasonable option for .com only for $8.99 and .Net only for $12.99.


A Word of Advice

The following tips will help you register a domain of your dream with a peace of mind.

  • Check forums, read reviews
  • Don't hesitate to chat with both sales and support team
  • Ask for free WHOIS protection
  • Watch out for hidden fees
  • Check the renewal terms
  • Double-check the domain you want to buy
  • Make sure you can renew automatically

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Old, but very informative animated video how DNS and the Internet works.

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